Prior to chiropractic care, I suffered from extreme back pain that hindered activities in my life. After being under the care of Dr. Renee, I am able to function daily without debilitating pain, and I am much more energetic!!! I highly recommend chiropractic care for improved health and wellness.

-Angela Bell, Radiographer 

Before chiropractic care, I had pain in my upper right leg and had difficulty walking. After several weeks of treatment I can now walk with minimal discomfort and look forward to being back 100% soon.

-Ralph Campbell, Business Owner 

Having used a chiropractor since I was a teen, I was especially pleased when I found Dr. Renee in the late 1990’s. Over the past 10+ years, Renee has helped me with my conditions: from endometriosis pain to carpel tunnel issues to everyday back and shoulder pain. Her thorough explanations and holistic approach, along with her warm, genuinely caring attitude makes treatment even more fulfilling. I recommend her highly.

-Renee Lock 

I originally became involved in chiropractic care because I fell down a flight of stairs at work and hurt my back and neck. I suffered for a year or so with doctors, pain medicine and muscle relaxers. I had very limited range of motion, I got to where I could barely turn my head. My mom suggested a chiropractor. It took a while but I finally was desperate enough to try anything. Within my first adjustment my neck began to turn and my back actually felt better. After a couple of weeks I had full range of motion and no pain. To me, it was a miracle.  Now, my sister and I own a cleaning business which puts a constant strain on my neck and back. But with regular adjustments Dr. Renee keeps me pain free so I am able to work. This has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. And for that I can’t thank her enough.

Vicky Hall, Cleaning Business Owner  

Our family has been coming to see Dr. Renee for 11 years now. My husband and I with our three boys started seeing Dr. Renee for allergies, back pain and migraines. We all got very good results from our adjustments. Now I have two more boys to add, one with asthma and one with autism and their results from chiropractic adjustments are amazing! Thank-you Dr. Renee!!! We will keep coming as long as we can.

-The Jones Family 

Before coming to see Dr. Renee, I suffered from a pinched nerve in my neck. My family physician prescribed muscle relaxers and told me that was all she could do for me. After continuously seeing Dr. Renee and being adjusted, I can say I am pain free in my neck and have been so for over a year now.

-Joann Sadler, Nursing student  

I have had headaches and back pain for years. If it was not for Dr. Renee, I would not be moving at all. My scoliosis is being held and I’m able to go about my daily life.

-Carla Graham, Baker

Chiropractic care has improved my range of motion and reduced pain in my lower back and neck. I am able to participate in more activities with less difficulty due to my regular adjustments. Overall, chiropractic care has made my life better.  

-Jeremy Gordon, CPA

I absolutely recommend chiropractic care. I came here for the first time because I was unable to move my left arm, I could not function at work at my computer. With regular chiropractic care I was better in no time! My arm has not bothered me since.

-Lorraine Prsavage, Asst. Office Manager  

I have been coming to see Dr. Renee for about two years now, I have not been sick in two years, and my neck problems are 80% better. She is not just a doctor, she is a very pleasant person also!!

-Andrea Markham, Bar Tender  

I have been coming to Van Born Chiropractic for 10 years I believe. When I came I had real problems with my neck and lower back. Coming on a regular basis has helped me stay in good shape. I do have occasional problems based on my job and general activities but Dr. Renee always takes care of it.  I’m sure I would not be in very good shape and would live with a lot of pain if I did not continue my chiropractic care regularly.

-Sherry Gilmore

I originally came to a chiropractor due to severe pain in my hip. I had been going to my family doctor and specialist due to pain in my genitals. Many tests and drugs later, the pain just got worse. After just a couple of adjustments, not only was my hip pain gone, but also so was the pain in my genitals!       

-Michael Stiles, Postal Worker

I have been a patient of Dr. Renee’s for over 10 years. My back had been injured and I was not able to sit in a chair for more than 20 minutes at a time. I tried all the alternatives before my friend suggested chiropractic care. After two visits I experienced pain relief. Over the years the most important thing chiropractic care has taught me is to listen to my body and to care for it. I get sustained pain relief at every visit. My back gets stronger every time and my posture had improved. Thank You!  

P.S. The office is friendly and home like. Appointments are easy to make and onsite x-rays are very convenient.

-Kelli Miller, Nurse 

I use to get headaches a lot but now never because I see Dr. Renee at least once or twice a month. I fell when I was 19 years old on the job roofing and injured my lower back. I’m 38 years old now and can still lift heavy parts at work and its all because of going to the chiropractor and staying adjusted on a regular basis. It’s like changing your oil and rotating your tires on your car!

*Maintain your spine*

-Thomas Miskelley, Driver

Since I have been coming to Dr. Renee my back problems have greatly improved. I no longer have pain in my hips and my lower back. I feel staying on a maintenance program has helped me to stay this way.  Everyone should see a chiropractor.  

-Yvonne Clark

I had a pinched nerve in my lower back with pain running down my leg. After a few treatments my pain went away.

Rev. Herbert Gilbert

Van Born Chiropractic has really helped me. I can definitely tell when I miss an appointment. It is amazing to see my x-rays each year and actually see how much I have improved. Another great thing Van Born Chiropractic has done for me is make me more aware of my posture. Before chiropractic care I never paid attention to how much I slouched.

Elizabeth Russo

Chiropractic adjustments are what both my husband and myself consider necessary for our physical health. We are both retired and able to perform physical activities many of our friends are not capable of doing. Whenever we have an injury, we get immediate care from Van Born Chiropractic. We’ve been taught by the doctors not to wait!!! Maintenance adjustments are a must.

Janice Motsinger

In 2008, my lower back pain recurred. It began in 1942, when I was 17 years of age. The pain has come back over the years. Van Born Chiropractic was recommended in 2002, the staff is very professional. I think highly of their methods and attention to detail. They do their procedures with TLC.


Domenic Paesani, Ford Retiree  

I have been coming and getting adjusted for over 20 years. It started when I fell 2 stories and both of my legs went numb. After a few months I was walking great. I try to come in a couple times a month and my health all in all is great. I do not get sick like I use to before coming in as much as I do. I am 50 years old and still play hockey, basketball and I can still keep up with my 17 and 20 year old sons. So I am a firm believer that if you keep adjusted and see them a couple times a month that you will keep a healthier body and mind.   

Richard Giebelhaus

After years of having foot numbness I decided to give chiropractic a try. I almost had immediate relief and almost 20 years later I’m still a regular client. Chiropractic has helped me through many “flair ups” with out drugs. I am very thankful for the care and concern I have received by Dr. Renee at Van Born Chiropractic Clinic.

Elizabeth Poirier

I have had the opportunity to have assistance with my physical health from the Van Born Chiropractic Clinic. I have been involved in many hit-from-behind  accidents which resulted in many serious whiplashes. There was a point in time where my neck rotation was limited and painful and arthritis had set in. Dr. Don Sr., from studying my x-rays, told me in YEARS, when I had my first whiplash, which I thought was astonishing. Through the help of the Pethtel family and Dr. Dave, I am in less pain and have greater movement in my neck area, and my lower back pain has lessened.    

Sally Tilley

In 2007 I picked up my granddaughter the wrong way and felt my lower back pop and a few minutes later, it felt like I was sitting on a basketball. The day after, at work, I went through the yellow pages at the Chiropractic Clinic ads. I liked the Van Born Chiropractic ad, I called and made and appointment. Dr. Renee has healing hands, and I like it that I don’t need drugs for pain.

Carl Engle, Heavy Equipment Operator for Taylor Schools  


Well, I use to have terrible headaches every week; they would last for days until god blessed me with Dr. Renee. Now I get them maybe every other month if that, it is so awesome thanks to Dr. Renee. May god bless you. P.S. Go Tennessee

Jeremy Strickland


Since being treated by Dr.Renee I feel amazing. No more neck pain or lower back pain. I would recommend treatment to everyone who has any pain at all.

Stephanie Strickland


Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture combined has helped me be able to function with only a small amount of pain. Two car accidents have made my life anything but normal. I absolutely recommend everyone to try chiropractic prior to any kind of surgery. I am at my best since keeping regular chiropractic appointments.

Mary Peppers, 2/21/09

Before seeking help with chiropractic I had sever lower back pain which was not relieved by traditional physical therapy. Within one month here at Van Born Chiropractic Clinic I felt 75% better and within 6 months I was 95% better. Chiropractic saved me from having back surgery which was the next step in traditional medicine. Since then regular maintenance has kept me relatively pain free.

Perry Cellini, Dentist    2/23/09

For several years I had chronic bronchitis which had to be watched so I wouldn’t develop pneumonia. Getting shots, being put on antibiotics, having breathing treatments, and using an inhaler became somewhat of a regular practice for me- occurring every 2-3 months (sometimes even sooner during the fall and winter seasons). My daughter referred me saying that Dr. Renee could help me with my chronic bronchitis problem. Being skeptical, it took me close to a couple of years before my daughter finally had me convinced that maybe Dr. Renee could help me. I started coming to see Dr. Renee about 2 ½ years ago and now the chronic bronchitis is a thing of the past for me. I also developed vertigo a while back and her adjustments keep that in check too. Getting chiropractic care has made me a much healthier and happier person. Now I view it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, getting chiropractic adjustments has not only kept me much healthier but pain free as well.

Donna Hill,  2/23/09



Dr. Renee is a very wonderful and caring chiropractor. I have been a patient of hers for almost a year. She will help to keep you healthy. I love the hug I get!

Veronica Duran





Last summer I suffered a serious fall. I visited the ER and x-rays were negative, but the pain continued. On the advice of my daughter I decided to try chiropractic. Treatment began and I soon found relief after several weeks. Thank you Dr. Renee and chiropractic for my new life. I am a confirmed believer.

Dorothy Griffith



I would recommend chiropractic to everyone. It has helped me greatly. I’ve been coming here to Van Born Chiropractic for 33 years. I feel great. I’ll always come here.

David Brzys


16 months ago I was in great discomfort down my left side all the way through my foot. I was completely unable to sleep on either left or right side. Driving was a challenge, especially long distance. I was very protective and cautious about many movements. After 3-6 months of wonderful chiropractic adjustments, I saw incredible improvement, dispelling my skepticism. Now I have almost no discomfort, can drive normally and can sleep on both sides.  I am ecstatic and very grateful for Dr. Renee, Dr. Dave and staff of Van Born Chiropractic for restoring my health.  

Rachelle Harper




I have had scoliosis diagnosis since the age of 12. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but since I have began seeing Dr. Renee I have never felt better. Dr. Renee thoroughly educated and informed me of my treatment details and of chiropractic care, of which I was unaware of before. The staff is very courteous and helpful. I believe in chiropractic care, and feel great.

Christina Marger




I believe that chiropractic gives all around better health. More free movement of the body and limbs. A more free feeling all together.

Patient since 1980

Joanna Rossetti



When I first came to Dr. Renee I could hardly walk. It was hard to drive due to pain on my left side.  But as I come twice a month, I feel GREAT!

When you finally come, you will ask yourself, why did I wait so long!

Nancy Hembrough


My body feels so much better after an adjustment.

Margaret Maine






Before chiropractic adjustments I could not bowl, bowling is my life. After 6 weeks Dr. Pethtel had me bowling and still does.

Thank you Dr. Renee.

William B. Payne Sr., Mechanic





Before I came here I was told that there was little to do with my back and surgery would be the next step. I was told to be very careful on lifting stuff because my back will just go out. Now I can work normal and also strengthen my back lifting and using resistance bands.

James Martin


Before chiropractic care I was having neck pain and lower back pain every day. I was also having problems sleeping. My menstruation pain was horrible. After seeing Dr. Renee, my pain is gone and I’m in great physical health.

Susan Suaraz, 7/16/09

I have been able to be more flexible with less pain in my normal work.

Bill Payne, 7/21/09

Chiropractic care has freed me from pain. I tried several other doctors, chiropractic and MD’s. Its just as important to find a good chiropractor and follow their instructions.

Michelle Roberts, 7/21/09

I came to see Dr. Renee cooking for relief of severe lower back pain. The back in much better now. Not only is my back better, but to my shock, I now walk better (more centered). I can breathe much better and my acid reflux is practically gone. It has been an eye opener to see all the added benefits that have some with chiropractic care. You’ve made a believer out of me!

Ursula Bongiovanni, 11/19/09

I had subluxations, my back was in pain pretty regularly, along with my neck and shoulders. keeping the arthritis from getting worse was of necessity. Chiropractic has helped amazingly well.

Glenda A. Gilbert, 12/14/09

Because of chiropractic adjustments I have been able to over come painful periods. Along with my own concerns for my health and Dr. Renee’s advice, I now am the picture of health I should be. 

John Drotar 12/15/09



My lower back was sore from the time I got out of bed to the time I went to sleep. Sometimes, I couldn’t breathe when I woke up because of my back. Going to the chiropractor has changed all of that and solves my problems every time I visit. Everyone here is friendly and helpful. I recommend coming to the Van Born Chiropractic Clinic !

Shane Sielski, 12/18/09

When I first started with Dr. Don Pethtel in 1974, I had to have help to get here. Now I do my own house work and even take care of my garden.

Lois Sandefur, 12/18/09

I have been seeing a chiropractor for at least 25 years. The adjustments have helped me maintain my ability to work in the yard and in the home (finishing the basement).Also , when I have fallen (twice) . The pain was reduced substantially so that I could continue my daily routine with out the pain.

Kenneth Graham, 12/20/09

I have been coming here for years would not ever think about not doing so. I was bent in half when I first came in years ago. Doc fixed me up. I made the mistake of not coming in for check ups and it happened to me again. I had to start treatments all over again. I will never take that chance again.

Doris Perreault, 12/28/09

With the care I’ve received from Dr. Renee and Dr. Dave, I’ve seen much needed improvement. They’ve worked out the kinks and allowed me to move freely again and the headaches are gone.

Maria Williams, 12/30/09

Dr. Dave is a great chiropractor, very helpful and friendly, and he is always willing to answer any health questions.

Bryan Moore, 1/20/10

Maintenance- preventive chiropractic care is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Back pain is gone and my overall health has dramatically improved. I feel so much better.

Sherry L .Schwochow, 1/27/10



In 1979, I came to the Van Born Chiropractic Clinic suffering from lower back pain. I was trying to alleviate the discomfort with frequent Ben Gay applications and aspirin. I saw an ad in the newspaper and called soon after. Dr. Donald L. Pethtel was my doctor for several years and helped to eliminate the source of my pain. I also recommended Dr. Don to my husband and we joined the family plan. Over the years, the senior Dr. Don, Dr. Nicole, Dr. Renee and the young Dr. Don have helped to revitalize our bodies with chiropractic care through accidental falls, strains, the aging process, ect. We are on a 3 week maintenance plan which helps keep us feeling quite well. Dr. Renee had a wonderful personality, has compassion for her patients and is very skilled at her profession. The staff is very friendly, cheerful and efficient. I am thankful that I contacted Dr. Donald Pethtel so many years ago as my life has been so much more enjoyable.

Judy Crute


I highly recommend chiropractic to anyone with a recurring problem that does not seem to respond to medical treatment. Chiropractic has helped me with asthma, back, neck and shoulder problems, as well as, helping me to remain free of colds and allergies. I grew up with chest colds and spent many hours in a medical doctor’s office. Once I began chiropractic I reduced visits to my medical doctor’s office to once or twice a year. I have been retired for 15 years now and have not had a cold. I give credit to my chiropractic adjustments once every three weeks. Dr. Renee Pethtel is an excellent practitioner of chiropractic health. She cares about you and the progress you are making towards good health.

John Crute

 I limped into the chiropractic clinic 2 1/2 months ago. I was on "ice" every 1/2 hour just to get relief. At first, the visits were every day- sometimes twice a day. Now I am pain free almost all day every day. I'm doing P.T. exercises and now will be doing water aerobics. Although I move slowly and carefully- I am thrilled I can move , and I can envision returning to taking the long morning walks I love. I used to think before getting out of bed, "okay, what hurts the most this morning". I can remember about a month ago saying "nothing hurts this morning".  

Karolynn Pargo,   7/26/10